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After their one-night stand, he began to act really strange and jealous.

According to my roommate, this was because Joao could "astral-project," and he had astral-projected his soul into the room while she was with someone else — she could feel his aura — and got jealous.

But she grabbed my hand and stopped me, and said, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend and I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that." I looked at her totally dumbstruck.

She must have misinterpreted my dropped jaw to mean that I was hurt, because she immediately came back with, "But it was really nice sucking your cock." These were the first words she'd said to me all night. He was this hot guy from a class I was taking, but I had never talked to him because I was too shy. It seemed like one of those things a person should cross off her to-do list. (Though, "socially awkward" in my book = "clean.") Anyway, it was terrible.

The tall, smug Uruguayan was the bartender in the Schooner Cocktail Lounge, which, not coincidentally, became my favorite bar on the ship.

At that point, I was thinking this girl was a loony tune, but I didn't want to be an ass, so I began to reciprocate.When I left, feeling like a joyful, wrung-out rag, he kissed my forehead and said, "That's the most fun I've ever had in two hours.I hope I never see you again." — I met Pablo while on a Mediterranean cruise with my extended family.— Most of the internet dates I went on didn't lead to anything, but there was one that I really hoped would. We stayed out late into the night drinking, playing darts, and getting to know each other, and our chemistry and inebriation brought us past the normal first-date boundaries and into her bed.I figured there was no way this would be our only date.

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