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Adams, Winfield - Philadelphia Adamski, Eddie - convict Adam, Malcom [SEE Salvation Army 1938] Adamson, Frank M., Mrs. Addante, Pasquale Addis, Joan - society [SEE ALSO Mc Ilwain, Constance] Addison, Peter Ade, Lester K. photograph morgue is comprised of black and white photographs dating primarily from 1920-1945, though some date from as early as 1900. Abernethy, Leo - Pittsburgh, PA Ableman, Bertha, Mrs. - Elkins Park, PA Abrams, Herman Abrams, Irving Abrams, Louis - Mc Clure trial Abrams, Meyer A. The collection is divided into two series: Subject (approximately 20%) and Alphabetical (approximately 80%) with the former covering events and the latter focusing on individuals and families. Abraham, Barbara - society Abrahams, Dorothy - Philadelphia Abrahams, Harold J. [SEE ALSO Casey, George W.; Beury, Charles E., Dr.; Respirators; Parker, Andrew Mac Lean; Kaldoner, Harry; Philadelphia - Buildings; Kent Atwater Museum] Abrams, Peter [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Records - Victory Center; U. - Finances - Defense Bonds - Awards] Abramson, Ellis Abramson, George - hold-up victim Abramson, Herman P. Schell [SEE ALSO Benedict, Richard, Mrs.] Achenbach, George W., Mrs. Adams, Alice Marshall Adams, Allen - Valley Forge Military Academy Adams, Anna H., Mrs. [SEE ALSO Smith, Frank] Adams, George - swimmer Adams, George, Mrs. – society [SEE ALSO Philadelphia Society - Headdress Ball, 1940; Emergency Aid] Adams, Henry Phillips - weatherman Adams, J. - Philadelphia Adamowski, Mary - WAVE Adams, Albert C. - society [SEE ALSO Del, Glen] Adams, Daphne - Philadelphia Adams, Edwin W., Dr. - Pennsylvania Sugar Company Adams, John Maxwell, Rev.

Adnee, Norma - Temple University Ahearn, Frank [SEE ALSO Philadelphia - Weather Bureau; Margolis, Henry] Ahearn, John, Lt. - Philadelphia Ahrens, Edward - Philadelphia Ahrin, John J.

staff photographers or by other agencies and published by permission. Abrahams, Mark - Philadelphia Abrahams, Nathan - Forrest Theatre [SEE ALSO Faces] Abrahams, Robert D. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO War - World War - 2D - Atrocities - German - U. - blackmail Abramson, Samuel - attorney Abri, James Abronski, Raymond W. - Philadelphia Abruzzo, Philip Accobacco, Dominick Achenbach, B. - former Mary Margaret O'Connell Achey, Webster - attorney Acholl, Henry, Cpl.

Photographs are arranged into two series, Subject and Alphabetical. - Philadelphia [SEE ALSO Loeb, Herbert B.] Abrahams, Woodward - suicide, 7/13/37 Abrahamson, Wm.

[SEE Allessandroni, Joseph, Jr., Mrs.] Alessandroni, Hugh [SEE Fencing] Alessandroni, Eugene - judge Alessandroni, John - attorney Alessandroni, Joseph, Jr., Lt.

Alessandroni, Lucille [SEE Donahue, Joseph P., Mrs.] Alessandroni, P.

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