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One variation of the traditional bullfight is bull-running where bulls are released into the streets and masses of participants do their best to avoid them and stay alive. Bullfight tickets Depending on who is starring in the bullfight, tickets can be rather expensive.

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One wrong move and he will end up gored or seriously injured.

Every week, all over Spain, many thousands of Spaniards flock to the nearest bullring, but not all Spaniards agree with the sport, or like it.

Bullfighting has now been banned in Catalunya and it is likely that other regions will follow suit.

59 BCE – 17 CE) as urbs parva, sed loco munita (“a small city, but fortified by location”).

Roman general Marcus Fulvius Nobilior fought a battle near the city in 193 BCE against a confederation of Celtic tribes including the Vaccaei, Vettones, and Celtiberi, defeating them and capturing a king called Hilermus.

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