Vanessa simmons dating dwayne wade

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“And I was just wondering, how close were you guys?

” Earlier this year, BOSSIP exclusively revealed that Tennyson’s checkered past included allegations of domestic violence, as well as serving time for identify theft and gun possession.

Hit the flip for the best (and funniest) reactions to Angela Simmons’ “secret” pregnancy.

“Growing Up Hip Hop’s” Angela Simmons just gave birth to her baby son last week, but that’s not the only big news she’s celebrating. Joseph Simmons has also married her child’s father, Sutton Tennyson, according to Cymphonique Miller, the sister of rapper/reality star Romeo Miller, who Angela once dated. “With the whole Angela thing, it was just that he (Romeo) wasn’t the first to know that she had gotten married, and he felt some type of way about that,” Cymphonique told BOSSIP.

But Cymphonique said she and her brother Romeo were happy for her sibling’s former flame and her new family.

Dwyane Wade was born as Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr on 1982 January 17 in Chicago, Illinois, United States to parents Jo Linda Wade and Dwyane Wade, Sr.

However, the relationship did not sustain long as disputes and conflicts aroused between the couple.

The main reason is cited to be Dwyane’s extramarital relations.

So, virgin-ish princess Angela Simmons is officially pregnant (before marriage). And NO ONE is shocked (because we all knew) after months of speculation and denial (“Me, have sex before marriage?

NO WAY”) that lead to inevitable shade across social media.

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