Vba screen updating off access

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You can use a form's Painting property to disable updates to that form, but some activities still seem to show through or cause flashing on the screen. Sometimes you need more control over screen repainting than you get with either Form. a string indicating text to be displayed within the status bar while screen updating is disabled. This sample form simply opens three reports in design mode and then closes them. You can also optionally pass the method a second parameter?If the handle is 0, Windows reenables screen updates to the locked window.Because the only window you care about locking in Access is the main Access window itself, the In Access 2.0, finding the window handle (the unique integer that identifies every window) for the main Access window was difficult.You may find, depending on the version of Access you're using, that this method of disabling screen updates isn't perfect.

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Fortunately, that is no longer necessary in Access 2002 and later, because Microsoft has finally supplied a parameter that can be used to hide a report when you open it, even if it's opened in design view.For example, depending on how you open forms and reports in design mode, completely hiding the properties sheet may be difficult.In the sample application, will completely remove that properties sheet from the screen when you open the report in design view.To make sure that your application doesn't show the properties sheet while it does its work, you can retrieve this property, set the first character to 0, and then save it.The code might look like this: The only way this will have any influence is if you call this code before you've loaded any reports in design mode.

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