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This serves as an enticement for others in their social circle to send over a red envelope - containing money or redeemable vouchers - as this is required to make the picture clearly viewable.

We Chat ran an hourlong trial of its newly upgraded red packet programme on Tuesday afternoon and over 18 million users joined in and uploaded photos, according to Everyone I know was talking about We Chat’s red envelope photo topic,” said Liu Chunchun, a clerk based in the city of Shenzhen in southern Guangdong province.

You are writing something that has not naturally happened in their life," Nancy says."What they've seen since there were young kids is that there is a mum and a dad in a family. She has known she is gay since high school."I believe people shouldn't be treated differently because of their sexuality.Nancy says she neither supports or opposes same-sex marriage."If [same-sex couples] just want a certificate so that their relationship will be recognised, I am totally fine with it as long as our life is not affected," Nancy says.The two behemoths form part of the BAT triumvirate, three so-called kingmakers of China’s internet including search engine Baidu.It is traditional in China and Hong Kong for people to exchange red envelopes - (“lucky money”) in Cantonese - on festive occasions and especially the Spring Festival, the biggest vacation of the year that falls on Monday, February 8 next month but lasts for around a week.

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