Waiting game dating

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In order to win the dating game, in this lesson students explore the “waiting game,” which provides a rule of thumb for how many people you should date before being willing to settle down.

It's lunchtime at school, and Lincoln and Clyde are excited, up to the point where even Clyde's palms are sweating, as his sandwich, fork, and milk all slip from his hands, and land on him.

But if everyone else can handle it, I sure as hell can, too.

I may get a few bumps and bruises along the way, but hell, if I can hit that breakaway and finish my “game” on a high note, I'll have the wise words of my coach to thank.

Clyde says that it process 500 tons of human waste a day, Lincoln say there a secret room for mutant animals they find, Clyde points out that if your exposed to the waste, their nose hairs will burn due to the stench.

Lincoln is still excited, the lights turned off and two kids (the same ones from "Save the Date") have invitations and students were gathered up.

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