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One of them, a genius inventor, gets a fusion reactor up and running in a building that just happens at mile 25 of the marathon, the day before the marathon, with unexpected consequences.Along the way, readers learn quantum mechanics, astrophysics, the elusive "Theory of Everything," Internet history, a bit of Russian language, a lot of chess, what it takes to train for and then run Marine Corps Marathon, and how three families show their love in three very different ways.The book is available for .99 directly via or the author's web page One dollar of every sale goes to Old Dominion Eye Foundation.

C., who inadvertantly ran off the course at Lee Highway and continued onto Key Bridge in the absence of a lead vehicle.Engle, formerly of Arlington and splitting his time between Sterling, Va., and Dublin, Ohio, owns the Guiness Book of World Records listing for the most lifetime marathon wins by an American, with more than 200 wins among his lifetime total of 400 26.2-milers.After 103 laps (12.375 miles) way out in the lead, seeking to improve his own world masters record at the indoor distance, Engle dropped out, claiming indigestion from his pre-race meal of calamari.Entry fees are for members, for non-members before December 22; for members, for non-members after December 22.For awards, please bring a gift to share (no used socks allowed).

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