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Just having one won’t magically force discipline, however.Tracking your expenses is key to making sure you stay within your budget.Use a card for purchases you would have made anyway — for groceries, for example, or gas for your car — and you accumulate rewards easily.Depending on how much you spend in a year, you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rewards each year without changing your habits.For instance, in 2004, when many fast-food restaurants were just starting to take credit cards, then-Wendy’s CEO John Schuessler reported that the average transaction for credit card purchases was , compared with for cash purchases, a 40% increase.

We even share how we make money so you can rely on our expert advice and recommendations with clarity and confidence. But when used properly, they can provide rewards and perks you can’t get anywhere else — benefits that you can get without spending any extra money.

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Ramsey adds to his argument against credit cards by saying, “No one ever says they got rich off of credit card points.” And he’s correct.

There aren’t any credit-card-made millionaires out there.

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