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time management, time management, time management..will have plenty of time to do everything if you use your time well. My son is a what would be considered a competitive D3, they are serious, they recruit kids who they feel have fallen though the cracks a typical fall ball week besides classes is5x a week lifting / conditioning - this started around week 2 or so of school and is the whole school year.

Finals week I believe they have off for conditioning.2x mid week individual / small group workouts - 1or 1.5 hrs2x mid week practice 2.5 to 3 hours Friday / Sat / Sun - team practice and scrimmages will be on 2 of the 3 days depending on week - will be full 4 hours both days.

Do your best to develop good relationships with your instructors.

They can really be of help (or hindrance) when you are missing classes due to game travel.

As someone else mentioned, at least D3 is a bit less of a time commitment than other levels.

If you apply yourself and keep your nose to the grindstone, all the hard work and effort will have seemed well worth the effort when you find your way on to the playing field.Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more exciting or thrilling than that.My son's dream was to win a championship in both high school and college and he fell just a bit short.There doesn't appear to be a city of size within at least a half hour drive, so you won't have much to distract you and that's OK, because you will have plenty to keep you busy with school and baseball.Don't expect much in regards to spectators at games. Aside from a handful of parents, you will have to talk some of the young ladies on campus to come out and cheer for the team.

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