What is a good devotional for couples dating

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If he has a history of addictions, you might worry that he’ll give into temptation.

If he’s bad with money, you might worry he’ll overspend.

Of course, it was a huge help that Andy and I were able to spend the weekends together!

When I wasn’t on a “friend date,” I used my time to organize closets, read, take long walks with the dog and dance around the house, singing at the top of my lungs.

We put a lot of pressure on the moments we had to instant message and video chat, because the time difference and my busy schedule made it impossible for us to talk every day.

Try not to place expectations on the time you have together — that will set you up for potential disappointment.

Being separated by distance will test many aspects of your relationship, particularly commitment, trust, communication and time management.

Is the person you’re with worthy of your confidence? You might struggle with wondering if your boyfriend or husband is going to be faithful to you when he’s alone with a computer or out with friends at a bar.

Keeping this in mind, I lined up several coffee dates and visits from out-of-town friends for those five months that Andy worked in another part of the state.

I knew I needed to keep myself busy in order to not mope around the house missing my husband.

Some couples thrive on having a LDR early in the dating stages (such as people who meet online), but it doesn’t work for everyone. Sadly, as imperfect people we have let others down and have experienced let downs ourselves.

Remember, you want to be growing in your LDR, not simply keeping it alive. It’s natural to be tempted to doubt another person’s words or actions, but God’s Word encourages us to be trusting in our relationships.

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