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The output of these statements if you had 105,291 rows in the database would be: 50000, and 105,291. The Cassandra server and native protocol do not limit the number of rows that can be returned, although a timeout stops running queries to protect against running malformed queries that would cause system instability. Optionally, specify a keyspace for the table followed by a period, (.), then the table name.If a keyspace is not specified, the current keyspace is used.For instance, what if there are no entries with no king?Then you have to scan the entire list no matter what LIMIT is.

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You do not need to include the ORDER BY column in the select expression.

For example, in a single, local data center cluster with 30 nodes, a replication factor of 3, and a consistency level of LOCAL_QUORUM, a single key query goes out to two nodes, but if the query uses the IN condition, the number of nodes being queried are most likely even higher, up to 20 nodes depending on where the keys fall in the token range.

The TOKEN function can be used with a condition operator on the partition key column to query.

If you want to execute this query despite the performance unpredictability, use ALLOW FILTERING.

Critically, LIMIT doesn't protect you from the worst liabilities.

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