Whitney houston dating kevin costner

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Wyatt Earp and Message In A Bottle were mocked as vanity projects. Even marriage to his teenage sweetheart – mother to his three grown-up children – ended in divorce after 16 years. He’s still delivering new films – Criminal, made in London and released yesterday, is his 52nd in 35 years – and is reflective about his fall from grace and the leaner years. “I once stood at an Academy Awards ceremony with two Oscars in my hands. All I have done is what I have always done: try my best. My generation was supposed to have changed the world, for example.I never appear in a film thinking it will be anything but a good one. Sadly, try as we may, we have not achieved that.” Costner at 61 has remained a Hollywood heavyweight, despite so many films of late that have either been badly reviewed, failed at the box office, or both. " I was totally like "Oh, God, please, just go away." The advantage was that I knew all the raps [] It's not. Then I'd think, "I wonder if Sheila knows they're talking about her like this? Okay, now we can go on to , that he wanted me to do. I went, "Yeah, sure." Then I called my agent, and she said, "Yeah, it's true." So I read the script. That picture just signifies what we were saying about The Bodyguard. It's a form of expression, and you have to pay attention to it. What about the rumors that you have your face averted in the ads for the film so as not to call attention to the fact that you're black and Kevin Costner is white? I think there are people who are really true to their art and really have something to say, and there are people who play off it because it's popular – and that's crap. I think that sometimes it's a little overdone. I mean, come on, do we really know who's telling the truth? Who's to say that William Kennedy Smith raped this girl? Who's to say that these young ladies weren't being promiscuous? I have seen Mike, a very good friend of mine, go to jail behind something that I think has been done a lot.s black people. I think that plays a real important part in the whole thing. My husband and I were talking about it the other night. I did the nightclubs, I did the modeling, all that stuff. This is the ultimate." I haven't experienced anything greater. Really, it has nothing to do with business whatsoever.

She's had ten Number One singles, and at one point this year she came within one spot of having three songs – "I Will Always Love You," "I'm Every Woman'' and "I Have Nothing," all from , which to date has clocked a cool 0 million worldwide, ensures that a career in the movie industry is hers for the asking. I was the only girl, and I was the baby, so a lot of attention went toward me. Did it bother you that many people saw Clive Davis as the Svengali behind your early career? He's all boy, and he ain't goin' for it, okay? Bobby and I met at the – he was hot, he was on fire. Like falsetto, different voices, things that he wants to learn how to do with his voice.

ou're expecting her to float delicately into the room, but Whitney Houston strides in with a purposeful air. When you decided to start your recording career, how did you proceed? People were interested in me from the time I was fifteen – it was kinda like they were just waiting for me to grow up. So I sat down with my managers and my parents, and I remember this long, drawn-out meeting. I will say: ' Whitney, this song has potential. You know: "He's a womanizer, he's got three illegitimate children, da-da-da-da-da-da" you know that whole thing? And I just wish they would stop trying to make him out to be this man who just goes around and arbitrarily says, "I want her, and I'm gonna screw her."He loves being married, and he's respectful to his marriage. I'm tired of people talking about him like he's this bad guy and he has no respect for me or his marriage. Were you concerned that because Rachel is a singer, people would confuse her with you? That people would dog me before they gave me the opportunity to do the job. I wanted to do some acting, but I mean, I never thought I'd be costarring with Kevin Costner! But almost simultaneously with the rise of your own career, much harder styles of black music have risen up.

She's dressed way down in purple stretch pants and a brightly patterned flannel shirt, and while her smile is welcoming, her handshake is firm, businesslike. Since Houston burst on the scene at twenty-one in 1985, it's been easy for her to sell records, harder for her to get respect. The disadvantage of growing up with two boys is that you can't do anything. This song doesn't." So my mother was saying to me, "You're eighteen years old. You mean to tell me that if I have a woman friend, I have to have a lesbian relationship with her? There are so many, so many female artists who have women as their confidantes, and nobody questions that. I mean, what kind of a person am I – to be married and to have another life? I just want people to understand something: My husband has never, , disrespected any woman. And I want people to know that my husband's a good person. Making the transition from a singer to an actress made me apprehensive. I thought, "I'll just get this little part somewhere, and I'll work my way up." And all of a sudden I get this script, and I said: "I don't know.

I don't want to go out there and fall." And he said: "I promise you I will not let you fall. Were you concerned about the interracial aspect of the film? Nobody made an issue of that, not from when we started to the end. I don't think women are made to do anything they don't want to do. If you don't, then you'll be disrespected." If you walk around and flaunt your ass in front of guys' faces, then that's what they're gonna think you are. Do you believe there was a special focus on Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, as well as the Mike Tyson situation, because they centered on black people? Was there ever an issue that you've seen in the last ten, twenty years that became such a public spectacle that involved white people to that degree? Who walked, very nicely and very cleanly, I must say. If Clarence Thomas wasn't an educated black man who came up from nowhere, would we care? So I don't feel like I'm in competition with these people.

You see a lot of videos that have women as bodies, with bathing suits on, just running around. My mother always said to me: "If you want to be respected, then act with respect. Because if Mike Tyson was nobody, who would give a shit? She's the first girl to come out that's real down, real cool, but can sing. But I've been out here since 1985, so whoever comes got to come after me. He's been in the business since he was about twelve – he's twenty-four now.

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