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The company that handled tickets for Friends is "Audiences Unlimited." They have a helpful Web Site at They also handled tickets for the short-lived spin-off, "Joey." They still handle tickets for many other shows. 153 Universal City, CA 91608 (818) 506-0067 Return to Questions The episode guide lists all the titles, gives plot synopses, quotes, and credits. " Return to Questions Jeff Greenstein: "We knew there was going to be a Phoebe/Ursula story [See 3.03] from the get-go. In the case of Paolo, we started that "arc" without knowing exactly where or when it would end up -- the decision to have him make a pass at Phoebe [1.12] was actually arrived at pretty late in the game. " Return to Questions On submitting scripts: Jeff Greenstein: "We only accept script submissions through agents. That's the standard deal." On acquiring scripts: Alexa Junge: "If you are interested in plot synopses and the like, the best thing would be getting the 'Friends Companion' or to read the Episode Guide. Return to Questions How sad, there are no more tapings! Normally, tickets for all television shows are free. Many additional comments are included from Friends' Season 1 Supervising Producer Jeff Greenstein and Friends' Senior Script Editor Alexa Junge. Mary Theresa Tribbiani [3.11] Ron Leibman................... Leonard Green [2.22][3.07][8.08][10.13] Thomas Lennon................. Randall (Casino Dealer/Joey's Hand Twin) [5.23][5.24] Jay Leno......................himself [1.11] Ken Lerner....................

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Return to Questions Find out about season-by-season video releases and other Friends video collections through this link: https:// you are in the UK or Europe and want Friends on DVD or VHS, follow this link! However, communication with our new contact was sporadic. Flight Representative [1.24] Robert Koch................... Eventually, it was rare to hear from him, so we gave up trying to maintain an official contact. Benjamin Hobart [10.06] Stan Kirsch................... (Note: I briefly corresponded with Jeff more recently... he was one of the writers of Desperate Housewives at the time.) Later, Alexa turned over the role of contact to Mark Kunerth, one of the writers, but also instructed us that we would no longer enjoy the privilege of submitting questions.

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