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We do a lot of meditating, which I hate, and she lets me charge my phone during our session, which I love.

Either way, I leave both calmer and fully charged, lol.

What extremely helpful and productive things have you done to get over a breakup?

The (mostly) useless patriarch of the Gallagher clan, Frank is an alcoholic, drug addict and utter failure of a parent.

I wish my therapist were Brené Brown, an actual earth angel I discovered on You Tube when I was down a dark internet k-hole watching TED talks on the power of vulnerability, but I think she might be too famous to take me on as a patient.

Anyway, my new therapist is good, I think, though I’m pretty sure all therapy is a mixed bag.

What followed was a months-long bender wherein I indulged my most “feel good” behavior.

While this is definitely not a list of things you My dad once gave me the advice to not tell everyone everything I’m thinking, and I told him to stop reading my Twitter. Fortunately, almost no one follows me on Twitter besides my mom, who will sometimes reply to me that she is proud of her “dotr.” As a result, my feed essentially functions as an online diary that no one chooses to read. When I started hitting send on victory tweets anytime I saw someone throw away the flowers they got on Valentine’s Day, no one was there to bear witness to my bitterness.

The third-born of the Gallagher clan, an aspiring soldier who initially hides his sexuality before coming out as gay.None of the other Gallaghers knew Sammi even existed, nor had she ever met Frank, until he tracked her down in Season 4 in an attempt to manipulate her into donating him a liver.A violent street thug and petty criminal who is also very deep in the closet.He's like an untrained dog who keeps shitting all over the house, so we have three options— run the dog over, send the dog back to the pound to be gassed, or train the dog.And I am choosing to train this dog."Frank's oldest daughter and the half-sister of the rest of the Gallagher kids, born before Frank hooked up with Monica.

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