Who is kal penn dating 2016

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And the fans that supported us has really been great for all of us.” He brought up the fact that Warner Bros.took a huge risk by taking on a project like Harold and Kumar. Kal said, “Before you had not seen a movie with two Asian leads. took and its an honor to play the character.” In regards to the raunchiness of the Kumar movies, Kal mentioned, “I love that Kumar is so different from me in real life. Every community has flaws and we are finally seeing well rounded characters.” He also added how much he loved Mindy Kaling and Aziz Ansari for creating more diverse and unique characters.

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He repeatedly thanked the Asian American community for embracing him and his co-star John Cho in the Harold and Kumar movies.

When a writer asked about how he felt about paving the way for other Asian American actors in the Hollywood, he answered “John and I are very privileged.

The script, the directors, and Warner Brothers taking a chance on us has brought us here.

Penn plays an outlandish local journalist with a rather unique fashion sense.

How much did you yourself remember about the Bhopal disaster, given that you were a 7-year-old in New Jersey at the time? There was certainly a recognition and an awareness of it, but I remembered more from college.

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