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With respect to Shippers: 39% (28 of 72) were won by the Philadelphia ground zero group 35% (25 of 72) were won by shippers from down south 17% (12 of 72) by the Kee, CD & Haw coalition Leaving only 9% (8 of 72) by all others 1 time in 18 months, has the right running style, gets Camacho. Runners claimed from Feliciano are 75% ITM but Jackson is only 4% Win in 1 The 1 went 66-81 in drawing off win, todays par is 93-91.I note however that Stidham has favored Pedroza thus far, the team is 6-10 Win, 8-10 ITM. is 11-14 ITM with S UC types and Efren has had good success with babies and he finished up close with such a maiden on Saturday. Exacta Box 1,9 Saver Trifectas 1,9/3,4,5,6,7/1,9 to cover Pick Four 1,9/7/All/5,9,10 (60 bets) 8 Nothing was expected of Harvatt in Pollocks (5) first try and it went as anticipated but today is another story.Charlie is 11-21 ITM at -1 with the 2L1-3 2S Shortenup move.– Mission Awareness (2) (who showed nothing in first two on dirt), advanced steadily thru the far turn and was going well before Allen tried to create a seam and was knocked about pretty well mid-stretch before rallying mildly late. Exacta Box 2/4,6 and Trifectas 2,4,6/3,8,10(11,12)/2,4,6 5 try OC, and he is 21% Win with St R types and 21% Win on the Dropdown, but these shouldn’t be classified as strengths for the 45 year veteran.

Bramble Queen (3) made big final fractions ( 16 and 5) in only two tries on the grass and Mike is 69% ITM with his three characteristic MATP.

Nations has historically substantially outperformed with Shippers versus 2S types, so 2-1 ML looks wrong.

Last was above par and that could be enough to put a wrinkle in things. ) Conditional Win, Place & Show 5 for -1 Saver Exactas 9,10/5 Saver Trifectas 4/5,9,10/5,9,10 to cover ***** Wednesday, Dec.

When high hopes for the Tapit colt were dashed at NYRA, he won down the Jersey Shore when the smart money said he would.

Has only had two FIRM tries since (and pin was not pulled in last).

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