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This specific type of umbrella was invented by the Greeks in the 5th Century BCE, which according to our history teacher’s timeline, took place 800 years after Troy was conquered. Although it’s quite hard to notice anything else in this picture besides how great the young Harrison Ford looked when he played in Raiders of the Lost Ark, if you look close enough you can see a person in the background wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

As much as we love that casual look, it has nothing to do with the fashion that was being worn in the 1930’s.

Five 0’clock shadow, no matter how attractive, simply was not acceptable back then.

Orlando Bloom’s pink parasol in Troy is more than just funny; it’s historically inaccurate.

Another example would be accessories that were not around yet or hair and makeup that is too “in place.” In many other films, the outfits are involved in very poor continuity errors.

It happens extremely often, even in big-budget films which actually have people whose job it is to make sure there is always continuity between scenes.

Big budget films have huge costume, accessories, and props departments whose whole job is to make and maintain the films’ wardrobe.

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However, his hunky portrayal of Tristan Ludlow wasn’t exactly “with the times.” Set in the 1910’s, Pitt’s character was sporting 1960’s style male hair and stubble on his face.Either way, some of these are downright silly as it was simply a lack of attention in that moment, while others are huge glaring mistakes in costumes.Some sunglasses were too advanced, a woman’s dress would not have been appropriate at the time the film was set in, or a hair style which would not have been done at the time; there are endless mistakes that have to do with hair, makeup, and wardrobe.This 2005 romantic drama was based on the classic novel by Jane Austen which was published in 1813.When reading the book, it gives you an opportunity to imagine the characters as well as their costumes and really have your own sense of time and place set in your head, something which is part of the beauty in reading books.

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