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Well that's my version of how the story will be less boring.

I am sorry to say but this has to be my least favourite drama of all time.

her facial expressions are limited and i couldn't really feel all the emotions she was trying to convey.

but hey, she's young and there's a lot of room for improvement i guess, so good luck to her, and i'd definitely want her to visit acting workshops before taking on another leading role.

And fyi my lovely girl is drama most expensive sale in china at the time,but lost with pinochio I love this drama now im in eps 6.

its always good to have older male lead rather young male lead... cant believe its been 4 years this drama I'm on episode 11 but I don't want to continue watching it because I have second lead sydrome and Rain's chemistry with Krystal is boring asf. I think they could have taken out the ladies and let L and Rain have a romance. although i skipped their reunion scene in episode 16 coz i really really didn't care anymore, and the ending just sucked and made no sense at all.

I really started feeling sorry for Shi woo since it was extremely obvious how things would turn out, moreso than other kdramas I've watched.

I quit after about 8 episodes and the parts I don't regret watching would be the little cute moments that did exist with Myungsoo and Krystal in the storyline.

L had more depth and emotion and I honestly had no idea who he was until I looked him up. don't ask me how i was able to finish this show, but i did.

Honestly this drama was so expressionless and has the common cliches. Rain and Krystal's interactions was like acquaintances being forced to get along. And I feel like Rain's acting was stiff like Krystal and Ye Ryun are stiff and boring and I will just copy them. Not sure if that was how the characters were written but the love story just didn't click with me. I just watched this drama as I am home on vacation. More time should've spent on the ending with at least an episode---However Rain was a delight and I am looking forward to seeing more of him Why everyone disapointed with this drama,i've 3rd time watching this drama. all in all the main leads were boring and dull especially sena's character.

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