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I think Hoda appears to have visible SSA, but not her mother.North African DNA is genetically tied to the continent.

I am sure that Hoda is black with another race mixture because she is NOT a natural redhead. maybe you did deserve to be slaves Again that was you Btw whites were enslaved at the same time,however here they were called indentured servants,while everywhere else,they were called slaves.

Log in to Reply People simply forget that Africa is a continent with a wide variety of ethnic groups some that have always been there and some that left for generations and came back.

Egypt has ethnic diversity in groups like Siwa Berbers, Copts, Dom (Persians), Beja, Saudis, Yemeni, and Nubians.

Log in to Reply I’m going to nickname you “angry black guy #2”. Here it is two days later,and I’m still on your mind(I see my name everywhere in your posts),while I haven’t given you a second thought. Which is why you kept accusing Follers of being black,when she repeatedly stated she was white. BTW I have never stated all African Americans were mixed, I said the average one.

now go tell that to “angry black guy #1” the main black guy on this board aka expert on everything black. I notice you keep referring to me as the angry black guy . I see I gave use no profanity or racial slurs,nor did I insult white people in general. Also I continue to tried to keep the debate civil and on the subject. First you threw a tantrum stating: (This site should be changed to ETHNIC Bl ACK CELEBS (all that is talked about around here anyway….). Now I based that on what DNA experts have stated, I just happen to agree with it.

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