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Others, such as Scania, continued to survive in southern Sweden for many centuries.

In what is now Denmark itself, the march of the Danes - a march, mark, or mierce being a borderland territory - was probably the no-man's land between them and whatever tribes lay to the south (following the exodus to Britain by the Jutes and Angles). Similar border states included Mercia in England, the North March of eastern Germany, and Finnmark in Norway.

Dates which blatantly divert from the main body are shown in text.

German tribes were heavily influenced by the neighbouring Celts (Gauls), some of whom live on the Cimbric Peninsula (Jutland), and possibly in Sweden.

This puts pressure on the Jutes in the north of the peninsula, probably resulting in feuds and local power struggles (which impacts upon the Angles and minor groups such as the Germanic Rondings).

The fifth century migration period is one in which no one Dane rules over all the Danish peoples, representing an interregnum of sorts.

Scyld Scaefson is later added to the genealogies of the descendant kings of Angeln, probably due to his importance as an early Dane in the Cimbric Peninsula.

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), who in turn bore the name of the Goddess Danu or Dana.

Either that or they were followers of Dana as a tribe and named such.

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