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My colleague Maya Kosoff reviewed many of the most popular dating apps a few month ago, but when talking about them, we noticed there were some big differences in our experiences. Maya had to deal with things I never did, like being bombarded with gross messages from guys.

Romania is a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, measuring 91,699 square miles (237,500 square kilometers).

Nicholas Dunca (1825-1862), a captain serving in the Ninth Volunteer Regiment of New York, died in the battle of Cross Keyes, Virginia.

Damian conducted various experiments with electricity and even caught the attention of Benjamin Franklin (they met and had a conversation in Latin).

In the post-Communist years, various changes have occurred, including a free press, free elections, and a multi-party electorate bringing to power a democratic government (President Emil Constantinescu, 1996– ).

The pace of transforming Romania's economy into a market economy accelerated, and improved relations with the United States, Canada and other Western countries were promoted.

Romania has a population of slightly over 23 million people.

Eighty-eight percent are of Romanian ethnic origin while the rest consist of various ethnic minorities, including Hungarians, Germans, Serbians, Bulgarians, Gypsies, and Armenians.

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