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During one of my intermediate accounting courses at AMU, in week six of the eight week course, a quiz grade from week two suddenly became two quiz grades, one of the new grades was my original 98% that the had earned on the quiz however the new mystery grade for a quiz I never took, was an 85%.

I complained and told the school that I wanted the 85% out of my grade book given I didnt earn it coupled with the fact that it wold lower my overall grade that I did earn.

Fast forward to this semester, Im in week 7 of an eight week AMU course.It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report.READ: Foreign websites steal our content I am an AMU Senior Level Accounting Major.By the way he is a senior in AMU and don't even know how to reference a paper using APA or MLA! One of my friends was took an economics course, I quizzed him some basic principles and had no idea what I was talking about.If you just want an easy degree, with little work then AMU or other for profits are for you.

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