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Andromeda should have been a smart new chapter for the Mass Effect series. 634 years since setting off into deep space, a colony of ships from the Milky Way - representing most of the major species from our galaxy - arrives in the Andromeda galaxy looking to settle it as a new home.Quick warning: there are a few minor spoilers in this intro for the opening hour, which has already been extensively covered in previews, but...

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If you’re into the universe (and there is knowledge to discover in this game) and the set-up, there’s a whole lot of game to eat here.Combine that with the constant stream of techno-jargon, fresh (bizarrely named) characters introduced at a rapid pace, and a ponderous exploration system, and it can feel like you’re simply bumbling through load-screens and travel animations with little clue about why you’re there or what you’re meant to be doing.The first ten or so hours of the game are bewildering and often very dull, which is a shame, because the story and characterisation really picks up in the latter half. The game seems to delight in punishing players by repeatedly making them do the least enjoyable things.Oh, and daddy was the Pathfinder - a leader of the human colonists - and before he dies, Alec Ryder transfers Pathfinder status and the all stresses of strains of the job onto you.Which is why it’s very jarring to hear Ryder cracking so many jokes early on, the gravity of the impressive set-up somewhat diluted by a bunch of lame one-liners and dismissive dialogue.

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