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Hodgkinson (The Wellcome Historical Medical Library', 1967), Chapter 1 'The New Poor Law and the Medical Services'*. Another branch of this family are the Halseys of Gaddesden Place, Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire.

Nassau William Senior held the first chair of political economy at Oxford University (1825-30, 1847-52) and was a Master in Chancery from 1836-53. The Senior family were originally Spanish Jews (Sephardim), most of whom converted to Catholicism when the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492; many converted back again at a later date.

Senior's aesthetic tastes were marked by strict simplicity and repugnance towards all appearances of vain artificiality.''A very clever man, a great talker, good upon all subjects, but best upon all those on which I am below my average depth of ignorance, public affairs, questions of government, the science of political economy, and all its kindred knowledge... Interestingly, Don Abraham's power was such that on one occasion even Torquemada, the Inquistor-General, had to plead with Don Abraham concerning taxes in Segovia and in 1492 Don Abraham successfully sued the Inquisition to recover property.

His clear and acute intelligence, his general information and agreeable powers of conversation - his universal acquaintance with all political and statistical details, and the whole contemporaneous history of European events, and the readiness and fullness of his information on all matters of interest connected with public affairs, used to make Mrs. Senior who drew up the report which produced such a wonderous effect upon the public mind: it was Mr. Don Abraham died in 1493 and was apparently buried at the Monastery of Santa Mara del Parral, Segovia.**I have seen Don Abraham Senior referred to as Abraham de Guadalajara, the city north-east of Madrid where he was apparently born.

The workhouse system, while it was unpopular, did provide an essential safety net for the poor which guaranteed food, shelter and medical treatment, generally of a better standard than that enjoyed by agricultural labourers outside the workhouse, and the workhouse infirmaries established under the Act were the foundation of the National Health Service (NHS) - see 'The Origins of the National Health Service' by Ruth G. A John Raven, son of a John and Mary Raven, was baptised on 22 March 1701/2 at All Hallows Staining, City of London.'Barbados' by Cynthia Wright - 'An impetuous beauty and a reckless sea captain unleash a tempest of passion in a lush island paradise' (Blimey! The hero, who is called John Raven, is presumably the figure holding the delightful heroine, Adrienne Beauvisage (no less). The Senior family had family members, relatives and trading interests in all these places.*She was a descendant of the Halsey family of Huntingdonshire, at least according to 'The Parochial History of Cornwall', London, 1838, vol. 188, who bore 'argent, on a pile sable three griffins heads erased of the last'.

One source that I have seen says that this family (of The Times) lived at Farley Hill before moving to Bearwood, Sindlesham, Berks.

There appears to be some confusion here as I do not think they can be the same person but they may be of the same family; John Walter of Farley Hill, brother of Charlotte, was the son of John Abel Walter, whereas John Walter, the founder of The Times, is recorded as being the son of a Richard Walter.

He was for many years a contributor to the Edinburgh Quarterly, London and North British Reviews, covering literary as well as economic and political subjects. Don Abraham also effected a reconciliation between Isabella and her brother, Henry IV, which allowed Isabella to succeed to the throne of Castile.

We have *Nassau William Senior wrote to Lord Howick in 1831 arguing for the compulsory provision of medical treatment to the poor (Ruth G. As a financier, tax farmer and tax collector, Don Abraham also played an important role in funding and supplying the armies that drove the Moors from Spain, helping Ferdinand and Isabella to bring to a successful conclusion the 800 year long Reconquista, the crusade against the Moors.

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