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If that is literally all that is meant by "anonymous," then the gospels are still anonymous today!For the bodies of their texts have not changed, and the authors did not name themselves in the body of the text.

His usage of the absence of explicit author names even in the interview gives that impression in any event, but he makes the argument even more clearly in his other written work. Here's why: When the apostolic fathers quote the gospels, they do it in a particular way, and their treating these documents in that way needs to be explained.

Tim points out in the radio debate (around minute 29) that the sense in which Ehrman is using the word "anonymous" is compatible with everyone's having always known who wrote the gospels!

Tim points out that all that is meant by their being formally anonymous, and all that can be shown, is that in the body of the text the book's author does not identify himself. It is an absolutely standard part of Ehrman's approach to this issue that he defines "anonymous" in a very narrow sense which is impossible to dispute but then slides in his usage to a much broader meaning without defending the slide.

It would be tedious to document the many places in which Ehrman is clearly using the term "anonymous" in the more common sense.

Here is just one: But the Gospels that were widely accepted as authoritative in Irenaeus's circles were originally anonymous.

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