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The elaborate regulatory framework serves, however, as a statement of policy, a justification for monitoring and surveillance, a set of guidelines for what constitutes "illegal" activity, and a deterrent to Internet users.

The government's determination to censor on-line content has grown with Internet usage.

As of January 2001, sending "secret" or "reactionary" materials over the Internet became a capital crime.As the Internet industry continues to expand in China, the government continues to tighten controls on on-line expression.As recently as July 11, 2001, President Jiang Zemin condemned the spread of "pernicious information" on the Net and called existing legislation "inadequate." Since 1995, when Chinese authorities began permitting commercial Internet accounts, at least sixty sets of regulations have been issued aimed at controlling Internet content.Inspection and approval should be carried out by related departments.Related units shall, in line with state laws and regulations on guarding secrets, establish and improve a leadership responsibility system for the examination and approval of information intended for the Internet.

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