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When I arrived there I had a very hectic schedule of meetings, and given I was travelling with a colleague who is a Motswana, he always had a number of planned things for us to do.I just did not get a chance to meet with this guy- and I am ashamed to say that I never did return this guys many calls once I arrived in Botswana.

He is a little big-boned and has a bit of a BEE beer belly.On the day I was going to leave I was relaxing in my room when I got a call in my hotel room telephone line – who else was it on the other end but Mr Botswana.I was taken aback a little, firstly because he had gone through the effort of phoning the hotel that I had mentioned in passing and finding my room number, and secondly I could not believe te hotel gives up people’s information so easily (I could have been a big deal you know…maybe not).At that time I had no romantic aspirations in the least bit.He then contacted me several times afterwards via email, and coincidentally he contacted me on the morning before I was to find out that I was going to Gaborone (Botswana’s capital).

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