Dating walking wounded

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Despite feeling like a bit of an outsider for most of his life, he's passionate about people and the good they can do.

He doesn't think twice about putting himself in danger if he believes something positive can come from it." Aaron had been mistreated and ostracized most of his life, mostly due to him being openly gay and the reaction of people's homophobia, including abuse from his own mother.

Because of Eric's near-death experience, Aaron had him retire and gave the position to Daryl so that Eric could stay safe and that Daryl could get out more and be himself.

Aaron's affection gave Daryl purpose and was willing to sacrifice himself for Aaron's safety so that he could be safe if nothing else.

The woman, identified by her friends as Yuly Solano, remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition, police said. Thursday in the Inlet Harbor Club, just north of Gateway Boulevard and Federal Highway in Boynton Beach.

Police say De Marco, 55, was waiting in his sheriff’s car before ambushing Solano.

Aaron is very altruistic and always wanted to help people, causing him to join a NGO and give supplies to those living in the Niger River Delta.

Alongside his charitable personality, Aaron also has a sense of humor and optimism. Sometimes his humor goes over people's heads, but he still aims for people to see the brighter side of things as he does.

He went along with his boyfriend Eric Raleigh, who both met before the apocalypse and fell in love.Both had been outsiders, treated with bigotry, and were the only people in the world who understood each other.Both worked together in recruiting outsiders for Alexandria as well as collect license plates for their collection.“A sheriff that works here walked up to this girl he used to date and just shot her,” a caller told 911 dispatch after seeing a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy shoot a woman and then turn the gun on himself.Along with the five minute 911 call released Monday, investigators also revealed that the deputy, Michael De Marco, was on duty during the shooting and used his sheriff’s issued handgun.

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