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“Most of the campers who come here haven’t ever gotten to touch a cow, and when they’re here, they get to practice physical exams on [the animals],” Megan says.

The campers also get to: For camp counselor Ashley Thompson, this is her favorite day “because most kids don’t get the opportunity to see and understand where their food and milk come from and [how much] goes into caring for these animals.” Future veterinarians fascinated by amphibians, reptiles, and pocket pets may get a kick out of the exotic pet session.

If he has problems in school that affect him so greatly, that could easily affect a relationship with him – especially since you’re keeping up with your own age group. Not all young guys are immature :) dont think it matters girl if you both are in love thats the main thing as of age its not that big boyfriend is 18 and am 20 and we have been dating since he was 16 and i was 18 i was worried about the two and a halp years but he was mature and we didnt end up caring because he understood me more then some on 5 or more years older then me. Everyone told me how weird it was then and how it wouldn’t last. @bananafish in some states a 16 and 18 year old having sex is not statuatory rape.

Although the kids aren’t allowed to touch the birds, they get to see and learn about other species, such as falcons, vultures, owls, and even a bald eagle, as well.

A demonstration on working dogs is also featured during the camp.

Not only are campers taught about these animals, but if they’re brave enough, they get a chance to handle them too.

Counselors at different stations educate about tarantulas, turtles, lizards, rabbits, Guinea pigs, and snakes (which campers can have draped around their neck).

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