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Liquid Lab NYC strives to add an extra special touch to your important day and will work with you to give your specialty cocktails an exciting twist. One problem: She couldn’t find childcare for her young son, so she had to tote little Isaac — whom she was breastfeeding at the time — to the tryout. “My friend came and met me there, and then held Isaac in the hallway when I went in and probably was, like, leaking breast milk on my shirt,” she continues, laughing. '” The answer is, of course, no, but the Boston-set looks at why society causes mothers to think that way in the first place. The first episode sees her running between her child and odd jobs, relying on her mother — played by Rosie O’Donnell — for babysitting duties.featured one of Liquid Lab NYC's mixology classes in a 2013 national commercial campaign.Please inquire for our mixology classes with desired date options, amount of guests, and ideal timeframe.The company's flagship home base is in the ever present Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which gives the team hands on access to the finest local organic ingredients, state of the art equipment all the while developing cutting edge techniques that create unique recipes and experiences.Offering Molecular Mixology, Artisanal/Prohibition-era Cocktails and Health inspired Cocktail Concepts allows Liquid Lab NYC to be the leader for innovation in the mixology field.Classes are small and intimate and limited to 15 guests.

If on your big day you would like something unique and customized, Liquid Lab NYC offers upscale wedding packages, perfected by unique cocktails and specialized presentations.Please inquire directly for additional info, consultation and budget information to make a groundbreaking new program for your place of business.Liquid Lab NYC offers a variety of packages for large scale events.We will be discussing cocktail culture and tasting along the way.Great for couples, small groups, and single tickets.

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