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Join and Meet thousands of Arab women and Arab men looking for marriage, dating, and friendship.

Meet thousands of Arab singles and Middle Eastern Singles.

A post-mortem examination carried out on Friday gave the cause of death as an “incised wound to the neck”, police revealed in a statement.

Today, we are equipped with numerous means of communication and transport over land, sea and air.

We have such freedom to swiftly travel around the globe, so...

Comment topic ideas ladies (and gents I know you need them cheat codes, so comment too lol) A post shared by Asha-Luul 🐝 Internetapreneur (@ashaeveryday) on Hussein covers a wide range of topics on her channel, which currently has 17,000 subscribers, including university life, sexual harassment and relationships, with one popular video titled: “how to deal with F boys.” Hussein aims to demystify some of the common misconceptions surrounding Muslim women and relationships through her content.

"I think people have this view that we’re really conservative, submissive to men, not career-driven and all we want to do is get married,” she said.

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